ONE OF THESE THINGS / COMMAS (BLUE, PINK, BLUE, BLUE) baked enamel on waterjet-cut aluminum

35.0" / 88.9cm (height) x 42.0" / 106.7cm (width)

Est. $8000/10000
Realised: $7200
Auction Date: 11/27/2017

Provenance: Private Collection, Toronto

Literature: Bök, Christian, Micah Lexier: Still Counting, Canadian Art, Spring 2005. 
McElroy, Gil, A Moment of Our Time: The Sculpture of Micah Lexier, Espace Sculpture #76, (2006), Pgs. 36–38.

Note: Written language is prevalent in Micah Lexier’s work, as are themes of ordered systems, time, measurement and organization. In One of These Things / Commas (Blue, Pink, Blue, Blue), these concepts are layered and deeply embedded; at first sight, the commas appear to be replicas of each other, but in addition to the one obvious difference, there are more subtle variations between them that speak to Lexier’s attention to order and comparison. “The title refers to the childhood diversion in which a toddler must learn to recognize, amid a set of diverse objects, the one anomaly that ‘doesn’t belong’ because ‘it’s not like the others.” No two commas are the same, differentiated by colour, size and orientation. His fixation on language also comes into play, as does the notion of time. Quotation marks set words apart from those surrounding them (another conceptual layer in this work) but also serve to change the tempo of reading. One pauses to focus on a particular grouping of words and to interpret them in relation to the others from which they are isolated.

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