OVERFLOWING SINK cibachrome print

15.0" / 38.1cm (height) x 22.0" / 55.9cm (width)

Est. $1500/2000
Realised: $1680
Auction Date: 11/27/2017

Provenance: Private Collection, Toronto
Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto

Literature: Tucker, Anne Wilkes, Reality Interupted: Carlos and Jason Sanchez, Houston Center for Photography, Fall 2007.

Note: Montréal-based brothers Carlos and Jason Sanchez have been working collaboratively since 2001 creating cinematic, meticulously staged photographs. Works such as Overflowing Sink, (2007), often take months to produce, from the arduous process of refining the concept and constructing the set (including design, carpentry, prop installation and lighting) to long hours spent in post- production. Their works are instilled with visual tension; in this case, there is an encroaching fire mere inches away from water that could extinguish it. Yet, for all of this, there is a strange tranquility and air of effortlessness present in Overflowing Sink. The colour choices of calming blues and greens, the placement of foliage within the scene and inclusion of what could be interpreted as a “waterfall” create possible overtones of a landscape. The Sanchez brothers prompt the viewer to imagine endless possibilities of narrative; subtle clues to their intent are always lurking in the scene but meaning is never freely given away.

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