SWING KIDS acrylic on board

14.0" / 35.6cm (height) x 11.0" / 27.9cm (width)

Est. $1200/1500
Realised: $2640
Auction Date: 11/27/2017

Provenance: Private Collection, Toronto

Literature: Reebok, Oh, Canada: An Interview with Team Macho, online video clip, YouTube, published on Jun 24, 2011.

Note: Stephen Appleby-Barr, Lauchie Reid, Christopher Buchan and Nicholas Aoki comprise the artist collective Team Macho. Since forming in 2005, the members have continually refined the collaborative method of art-making. Producing mixed media works that integrate the group’s individual and multidisciplinary approaches, ranging from loose, illustrative drawing to classical painting, they generate artwork that focuses on craft, technique and subject matter. “Our mutual attraction was our dedication to work and pushing ourselves to understand methodology of image-making and the ways you can push that to extremes.”

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