A SILENT STORM archival pigment print

32.0" / 81.3cm (height) x 24.0" / 61.0cm (width)

Est. $4000/5000
Realised: $3840
Auction Date: 11/27/2017

Provenance: Private Collection, Toronto

Literature: Pye, Nicholas, A Silent Storm, nicholaspye.com.

Note: A blurring of your contour, my contour, our contours; perimeters are permeable. – Nicholas Pye

Centered on themes of “identity over time and notions of voluntary and involuntary disappearance,” Nicholas Pye’s 2016 solo exhibition, A Silent Storm, included works of embossed text (from a poem the artist penned for the exhibition), a video installation entitled “The Mountain” depicting scenes of “birth, life and death” and a series of large-scale photographs. This photograph, the exhibition’s title work, visually demonstrates the concept of disappearance with the faintest hint of colour, minimal contrast and absence of the sitter’s identifying features. The ways in which an individual can seemingly “disappear” from self and society are extensive and varied. As viewers, we struggle in literal terms to see the subject as it recedes into the background, but we also engage on a personal level, applying the concept inwardly while considering the tenuous nature of our existence.

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