SEVEN DEADLY SINS (PRIDE) fixed chalk on chalkboard, wood

12.5" / 31.8cm (height) x 16.5" / 41.9cm (width)

Est. $2000/2500
Realised: $1440
Auction Date: 11/27/2017

Provenance: Private Collection, Toronto

Literature: Dault, Gary M, Blessed be churches that confirm our faith in art, The Globe and Mail, 4 April, 2009.
Monk, Philip and Antonio Guzman, Ian Carr-Harris: Works 1992-2002, The Power Plant, Toronto, 2002.

Note: "Language is the paradigm by which we imagine the world." – Ian Carr-Harris

Once a student of modern history and library sciences, and an ex-librarian, Ian Carr-Harris carried his interests in language, ordered systems and visual cues that evoke memory and emotion into his work of the mid-1990s. He combined themes of “language as object,” learned interpretation of signs and symbols and social, ethical and religious norms for his installation of 1996 entitled Seven Deadly Sins. “Pride” is the first of seven small chalkboards on which Carr-Harris wrote the names of the sins in meticulous handwriting above a stylized “p,” reminiscent of the instructional placards found posted in elementary school classrooms.

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