Lot 108
A Massive Carved Gilt-Lacquered Wood Figure of Wei Tuo, 18th/19th Century

Finely and dynamically rendered, the gallant figure is depicted in a confident stance, with a hand on his hip, his broad shoulders back and chest raised, with a resolute and peaceful look over his youthful face, clad in intricately fashioned armor

height 42.0"
height 106.7 cm

Est. $6000/8000
Realised: $10200
Auction Date: 12/04/2017

Note: Wei Tuo, also known as the bodhisattva Skanda, is regarded as a devoted guardian of Buddhist monasteries, responsible for protecting the teachings of Buddhism. He was given this instruction by the Buddha as he entered nirvana. In Chinese Buddhism, Wei Tuo is recognized as one of the eight divine protectors. As such, he is traditionally depicted as a majestic general clad in elegant armor, as evidenced by the current example.

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