Lot 90
A Book of Writings by Chen Xiaocui 陳小翠 (1907-1968)

Bound album, ink on paper

height 9.4" x width 7.5"
height 24.0 cm x width 19.0 cm

Est. $1000/1500
Realised: $960
Auction Date: 12/04/2017

Note: Chen Xiaocui was born in 1907 from a literati family in Hangzhou. As a member of the Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute, and one of the founders of the Shanghai Women’s Calligraphy & Painting Institute, Chen published the famous book of poems Cuilou Yincao 翠樓吟草, echoing the evolution of women’s rights following the abandonment of the feudal imperial examination system, and the New Culture Movement during the late Qing and early Republican period

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