Lot 35
Possibly: OTTOCHIE ASHOONA (1942-1970), ' ', Cape Dorset / Kinngait

DREAM SPIRIT ANIMAL, stone, c. 1965,
3.50" x 7.99" x 9.02"
8.90 x 20.30 x 22.90 cm
Cape Dorset / Kinngait

Est. $500/700
Realised: Please contact us for the value of this item
Auction Date: 01/25/2018

Note: This work could be carved by the better known Ashoona brothers, Kiawak or Kaka. There are numerous examples of works from this time period when these artists were all working closely and attributions have been made loosely. For similarity in flare and overall composition, see Cape Dorset, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1980, page 64 & 65. For generally similar works in quality and facial detailing, see The Jerry Twomey Collection, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2003, pages 51 - 53.

Although difficult to capture in a photograph, it is a highly sophisticated sculptural work, carved from all angles without a conventional base. At once, it embodies prehistoric animalistic and supernatural qualities.

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