Supporting the Community

Social good is an important part of our business philosophy

For over 50 years, we have donated our time, services and expertise in support of a wide range of charitable organizations. From conducting major event auctions to appraisal clinics our team combines personal passion and skills to create real impact in the community. Currently we participate in over 25 events each year, helping to raise $2,000,000 annually in support of causes we care about.

Our network of knowledgeable collectors, nurtured relationships and our online platform, allows us to assist the non-profit sector to raise funds in an exciting – and impactful way.

How Waddington’s Helps

Waddington’s Benefit Auctions supports our non-profit and institutional partners by helping them broaden their reach and diversify their fundraising abilities. Charities benefit from the increased number of knowledgeable and affluent buyers while expanding their audience and raising awareness about their organization.

Leveraging our expertise and network of over 40,000 global buyers, our Benefit Auction division creates a community marketplace for collectors to discover and bid on works of art, wine and specialty items. Buyers are able to access items that they would normally not have access to. They can also feel good knowing that their bids are making a difference for important causes around the globe.

Applying our rigorous business processes and analytic capabilities to the Benefit Division provides valuable reporting, impact accountability and metric tracking to satisfy Boards of Directors and charitable accounting requirements.

How Can My Organization Participate?

There are several ways we can assist your organization’s fundraising through our auction platforms.

  • Online Auction-Vendor Driven and Supplied Waddington’s will offer for auction goods sourced exclusively by the vendor in specialty, stand-alone benefit auctions. May end in live gala event/auction.
  • Online Benefit Auction – Waddington’s Driven, Vendor Supplied – Waddington’s works with the organization to create framework and criteria to solicit from donor base/supporters
  • Donor Goods Included in Online Auction To Benefit Designated Charity – Collector Driven Donated individual works or collections in stand-alone or scheduled Waddington auctions with proceeds (or a portion of) to benefit designated charity. Charities approach their donor base.

For more information contact Tess McLean at [email protected]


Benefit Auctions FAQ

How are benefit auctions different from regular auctions held by Waddington’s?

Waddington’s partners with Canadian non-profit organizations, museums and foundations by providing an online platform to host their fundraising auction activities. Charities benefit from our professional expertise and access to vast network of knowledgeable buyers, while raising awareness and funds to support their cause. Collectors from around the world gain access to unique buying opportunities while supporting the work of nonprofit organizations.

Do I have to pay tax on purchases made in online benefit auctions?

While most sales of property and services made by businesses are taxable, sales made by charities are usually exempt. Whether Waddington’s holds the auction at its own premises, or at any other premises or online, no GST/HST will apply on the sale made to the purchaser.

How can I partner with Waddington’s to hold a benefit auction? 

We are always happy to discuss ways in which we can help charities expand the fundraising potential of their organization. To explore opportunities to partner, and find out about the array of services we offer, please contact Tess McLean [email protected]

Can individuals consign to regular Waddington’s sales to benefit their favourite charity?

Yes. We regularly include items such as art, jewellery, and decorative works in annual scheduled auctions, indicating proceeds are to benefit a particular charity. Please get in touch to find out more about how to assist your favourite charity by consigning works.

Do the artists who donate works receive any proceeds from benefit auctions?

Contemporary artists make valuable contributions of their time and work to nonprofit causes each year. While Waddington’s is not involved in sourcing works for these benefit auctions, it is our policy to work exclusively with organizations that recognize the impact of artist contributions and provide a minimum 20% giveback of the selling price.

What happens if the lot I am bidding on is scheduled to sell at a live auction?

Online auctions that culminate at a live event held by the charity will be clearly indicated on our website. All online auctions will close at a set time on the day of the event. The highest bid will be executed as the starting bid in the live auction. Maximum bids will be executed accordingly by Waddington’s auctioneer during the live sale. Bidders may also choose to have absentee bids executed on their behalf at the live event. Successful buyers will be notified by email within one business day of the event.