Ju Ming

Taichi Series - Swing Kick

Ju Ming 朱銘 (1938-), Taichi Series - Swing Kick

朱銘 (台灣, 1938 年生) 太極系列—踢腿 銅雕 11/20
簽名雕刻:朱銘 20-11

Signed in Chinese; numbered ‘20-11’ (engraved on lower back); bronze sculpture; edition 11/20
17.1 x 17.7 in — 43.5 x 45 cm

June 14, 2018

Estimate $120,000-$180,000

Realised: $120,000

朱銘 (台灣, 1938 年生) 太極系列—踢腿 銅雕 11/20
簽名雕刻:朱銘 20-11

Price Realised: $120,000

Artist Ju Ming is recognized as a leading force in the world of contemporary Asian sculpture, a movement that is characterized by the fusion of traditional culture and modern civilization.

In this sculpture, with the right leg planted, the unrestricted force is partially collected in the twisted waist, the rest manifesting itself in a single strike that travels through to the tip of the left leg. Although the ferocity of the movement is predominates the sculpture, nonetheless there remains a strong sense of balance and ease.

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