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Asian Art

August 21 — 26, 2021
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Offering the final pieces from the collection of H.H. Pao, this auction features notable early Chinese ceramics including Neolithic and Warring States pottery jars, Han dynasty green glazed vessels, and classical Tang and Song dynasty ceramics. Jade carvings range from as early as the 5th century into the Ming/Qing dynasties, Republican period and later 20th century. Covering all categories of Asian works of art, this auction offers curated selections of Chinese porcelain, Indian miniature paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, and Chinese furniture for collectors of all levels.

本场沃丁顿亚洲艺术拍卖会将为大家呈现以鲍恒发(H.H.Pao) (1937-2009) 先生遗产中最后一部分珍藏所领衔的,涵盖各个亚洲艺术品类别的雅逸精品拍卖。亮点拍品包括从新石器时代、战汉至唐宋时期的高古陶瓷器,以及横跨两千年历史的精品玉雕。本次拍卖会为处于各个阶段的收藏家提供精心挑选的的中国瓷器、日本版画、东南亚艺术品、文房雅玩、中式家具等,敬请期待!

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  • Each lot sold is subject to a buyer’s premium of 20% of the successful bid price as part of the purchase price.
  • Unless exempted by law, the buyer is required to pay Ontario Retail Sales Tax and Federal Goods and Services Tax on the total purchase price including the buyer`s premium.
  • Taxes are exempt for any items directly shipped from our premises out of Canada.
  • The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any lot from sale at any time, to divide any lot or to combine any two or more lots at his sole discretion, all without notice.
  • All Prices in Canadian Funds
  • Please see our complete BUYER TERMS & CONDITIONS


Restrictions exist regarding the import and export of species protected under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).This includes but is not limited to items made of or containing bone (whalebone etc.), ivory, tortoise shell, seal skin, rhinoceros horn and any other animal part and is strictly controlled or forbidden by most countries. Please review your country’s laws before bidding on pieces made of or containing these restricted items. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inquire about and obtain the proper permits for artwork purchased that may contain restricted materials, if such permit can be obtained. Please contact the department for further assistance. For more information please visit WWW.CITES.ORG

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