Appraisal & Consignment Services

Knowing the True Value Helps You Make Informed Decisions

Waddington’s has been providing professional appraisal services to collectors, corporations and public institutions for generations.

Whether a simple valuation or a complex inventory, for a single item or a private or corporate collection, we can provide you with the information you need to manage your assets. We can also provide verbal appraisals when circumstances warrant a more informal, lower cost approach.

*Please note that during COVID-19 restrictions we are pleased to provide virtual appraisals.

There are many reasons you may require an appraisal, including:

Corporate Collection Management

Understanding the value of a corporate collection is vital to making the right decisions for insurance or asset management purposes.

Downsizing and Retirement Planning

Downsizing your home and contents is an effective way to create liquid assets to help finance your retirement. An accurate appraisal ensures you know what everything is worth to make the right decisions.

Estate Planning and Tax Reporting

Knowing the true value of the estate is essential for estate planning, division of property and understanding estate administration taxes.

Insurance Coverage

Often a requirement for coverage, an insurance appraisal will minimize any risk of you not receiving the full value for your property while ensuring you aren’t overpaying for coverage.

Equitable Distribution; Divorce; Partnership Dissolution, Bankruptcy

An appraisal ensures a fair distribution of property.

Charitable Donation

When you donate property to a registered charity, you may qualify for a tax credit. An accurate appraisal helps in the donation decision-making process.

Donation of Certified Cultural Property

Certified Cultural Property is described by Revenue Canada as a property of outstanding significance and national importance to Canada. Certified cultural property donations bring the greatest tax benefits, as they are not subject to capital gains tax.

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