Partnering with Waddington’s

We Can Help You Provide Comprehensive Services to Your Clients and Shareholders

Working with Waddington’s means partnering with the most diverse auction and appraisal company in Canada with over 170 years of experience.

From the Group of Seven, to contemporary Asian art, to fine jewellery and watches, and fine wine and spirits, we are the experts who can help your clients understand the true worth of their valued possessions, based on our specialised knowledge of the market.

Whether your clients require an appraisal for estate planning or insurance purposes, or are interested in managing, streamlining, or liquidating their assets, we can assist you to provide a comprehensive overview.

Corporate & public Institutional Services

We have years of experience working with major corporations and leading public institutions, including financial and legal corporations, art galleries, museums and educational institutions.

As many major organizations adapt to new work environments, we can help you prepare to make changes.

  • Collection inventory
  • Collection management
  • Streamlining, downsizing and/or new acquisitions
  • Valuation for insurance, disbursement, donation


Real Estate

When it comes to knowing the full value of your client’s home, make sure they know what it’s ALL worth, contents included.

As a trusted partner to your clients, you help them in some of the biggest transitions of their lives. From finding that dream home, to moving across the country to downsizing for retirement. Part of that trusted relationship is knowing the value of what’s inside your client’s home. You in turn need a trusted partner to help your clients make fully informed decisions.

  • We provide expert appraisals and determine fair market value of your clients’ valued possessions.
  • We can assist in the dispersal of items through auction and/or acquisition of pieces for a new environment.
  • Combining our expertise can be mutually beneficial.


Estate & Trust

The value of experience.

You’re entrusted to work with clients during challenging life transitions. We’ve been doing the same for decades. Working with us to provide enhanced services and credible guidance will result in providing better care for your clients.

We can provide your clients with the right information to make informed decisions:

  • Authentication
  • The right time to sell (or buy)
  • Estate administration tax calculation
  • Assist client decision process by knowing value of estate
  • Changes in the art market, industry analysis



The right appraisal means the right coverage.

Your clients need accurate, up-to-date information about what they have and what they need to protect. With our expert advice, we can help ensure they make knowledgeable, informed decisions.

We can help you serve your clients better. We’re experts in the following:

  • Appraisals for insurance, disbursement, donation
  • Collection management
  • Downsizing and/or new acquisitions


Financial Planners

The right appraisal provides peace of mind – and a happier client.

Your clients trust you to plan and ensure their financial health and stability. You can expand that trust by partnering with us to fully understand the equity in their valued possessions.

We can provide your clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their collections:

  • Authentication
  • The right time to sell (or buy)
  • Changes in the art market, industry analysis



We can make your job easier – so you can serve your clients better.

People are downsizing earlier in life these days for a variety of lifestyle reasons. Deciding what’s worth packing and moving – or parting with, is part of the process we can help with.

We can give your clients peace of mind by providing:

  • Knowledge to make the right decisions
  • Inventory and/or appraisal
  • Advice on selling – or buying

Contact us to find out how partnering with Waddington’s can benefit your organization.