Contemporary Asian Art Exhibition Includes Takashi Murakami

By: AZN Modern Article


If you’re a fan of contemporary asian arts, you’ll definitely want to check this out! Waddington’s first-selling exhibition (May 1 to 11, 2014) features an impressive collection of 43 works by 13 artists, including works by Japanese artists Takashi Murakami, Tomio Miki, Enokura Koji and Nobuo Sekine. There are 21 Murakami lithographs from 2011 to 2013 in the collection. The exhibition will also include works by United Nations recognized, and internationally acclaimed, artist William Ho, as well as emerging Chinese artists.

Waddington’s recently created Contemporary Asian Art department is headed by Janfer Chung, a specialist this genre who has worked with top contemporary galleries in Hong Kong and China. I had the opportunity to ask her about this exciting exhibition.

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