Works by Artistic Masters Representing the Art of Canada

By: Linda Rodeck


The Art of Canada Auction May 2016

The art of Canada originated with objects created by our indigenous peoples. Whether fabricated for practical or ritualistic purposes, or as a creative record of their history and culture, collectors in Canada and throughout the world have long been fascinated by these objects. Waddington’s has deep expertise in this collecting area dating back to the first Inuit art auction conducted by our firm in 1978.

We have ruminated for some time now on the possibility of a less restricted interpretation of Canadian art which might leverage our expertise in this area to unite the best examples of indigenous art production with the type of work that, traditionally, has been offered in our Canadian Art major catalogue sales.

We know that the best collectors in this country have always been receptive to an inclusive view of our cultural and artistic heritage. They have long understood that the narrative of Canadian art is artificially limited when we construct silos that separate the artists of this country by ethnicity. While such labels may be convenient, by creating them we inadvertently shortchange our aesthetic experiences and limit our openness to those objects which fall outside the familiar collecting parameters and patterns we may establish for ourselves.

And so this season we are proud to present a unique combination of works created by artistic masters representing The Art of Canada. The scope of works offered this season has been expanded to encompass a selection of quality works by Inuit and First Nations artists as well as Canadian historical, modern and contemporary artists.

The catalogue is intended to awaken and delight your senses and expand your collecting imagination. We hope you find yourself fascinated by objects you might never have considered before.


Auction Gallery

Linda Rodeck
Senior Canadian Fine Art Specialist
Vice President Fine Art

Christa Ouimet
Senior Inuit Art Specialist

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