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LOT 138

Lot 138

Ning Fucheng (1897-1966), Pine Landscape

Ning Fucheng (1897-1966), Pine Landscape
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Ning Fucheng (1897-1966), Pine Landscape

宁斧成 (1897-1966) 山水 水墨纸本 立轴

Ink on paper, hanging scroll mounted
image 14.2 x 24 in — 36 x 61 cm

Estimate $800-$1,200

Realised: $1,200
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Ning Fucheng (1897-1966), Pine Landscape
  • Ning Fucheng (1897-1966), Pine Landscape
  • Ning Fucheng (1897-1966), Pine Landscape

From the Collection of Joe Der, Toronto/Montreal.

Joe Der was an early immigrant to Canada after the government's repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1947. In the 1980s, Der began visiting China once more, where he actively contacted contemporary artists and collected art and antiques. He eventually established Toronto's first gallery for contemporary Chinese art, named the Yangtze Art Gallery, operating from 1985 to 1990, and was located across from the Art Gallery of Ontario. Along with building friendships and acquiring works by artists such as Zhou Sicong, Chen Qidao, Shi Lu, and Shang Tao, he devoted great energy into promoting Chinese art in Canada, even hosting Shi Hu to work and stay in his home for six months. Der also arranged an artist-in-residence fellowship for Gu Wenda in Toronto, which culminated in exhibitions at York University and Yangtze Art Gallery in 1987.

1947年排华法案废除后,乔德先生成为最早一批来到加拿大的移民。1980年代开始,他重访中国,积极地与大陆当代艺术家交流,与此同时收集艺术品与古董。经过不懈努力,他在1985到1990之间经营了多伦多第一家当代中国画廊——扬子美术馆,与今日的安大略美术馆隔街相望。他致力于在加拿大推广中国艺术家,结交并收藏了大量艺术家的作品,包括周思聪,陈其道, 石鲁和尚涛。他还曾邀请石虎在他的家里进行了六个月的艺术创作。乔德先生还曾在多伦多为谷文达组织了一个“艺术村”团体。1987年,该团体的作品于约克大学和扬子美术馆开展,获得了空前的成功。


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LOT 138

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