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June 16, 2016

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Forty-Six Asian Art Books
  • Forty-Six Asian Art Books


Forty-Six Asian Art Books

“Chinese Temples in Singapore”; “Walls of Jericho”; Four editions of “L’Histoire de L’Art”; Fifteen Asian Art Pamphlets by Fontana UNESCO; Three volumes of “The Dolphin History of Painting”; Five JTB Japanese Art books; Zen and Japanese Buddhism; V&A Museum Indian Art, 1948; Indian Painting by Percy Brown, 1953; Brahma with Four Faces, by Dhanit Yupho; Kerala Past and Present; A Chronological list of Japan and China; Indian Sculture by Philip Rawson; The last days of Mohenjodaro, by Swami Sankarandanda; The Buddha Image and Ceylon by D. T. Devendra; New Archaeological Finds in China, 1974; Chinese Art by Leigh Ashton, 1953; Chinese Art, Michael Sullivan, 1973; 15 Cities in China; V&A Museum “Tibetan Art”, John Lowry; “Handbook to the Collection of Early Chinese Antiquities; “Manual for Collectors of Oriental Art”, Warren E. Cox; “Borobudur”, Jacques Dumarcay

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