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May 27, 2019

PAUTA SAILA, R.C.A. (1916-2009)
  • PAUTA SAILA, R.C.A. (1916-2009)
  • PAUTA SAILA, R.C.A. (1916-2009)
  • PAUTA SAILA, R.C.A. (1916-2009)
  • PAUTA SAILA, R.C.A. (1916-2009)
  • PAUTA SAILA, R.C.A. (1916-2009)
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PAUTA SAILA, R.C.A. (1916-2009), Cape Dorset / Kinngait


stone, ivory
signed in syllabics
12 x 8 x 7 in — 30.5 x 20.3 x 17.8 cm

Estimate $15,000-$20,000

Realised: $28,800
Price Includes Buyer's Premium ?

About artist/note:

“I like to use axes when they are properly sharpened. I don’t like using grinders because sometimes they tend to take away too much of the stone. Then I use rasps, followed by files — always working towards finer and finer tools. I file only straight forward, not back and forth, just one stroke at a time.

“When I am doing a bear, and I have done a lot of those, I start working with the neck area first and then the bottom. I just go by the shape of the stone and decide if there will be one foot up or not. I make sure the base is properly level, trying to tip it a little to make sure that the base is not wobbly.
Pauta Saila.


Susan Gustavison, Northern Rock: Contemporary Inuit Stone Sculpture
(exhibition catalogue), McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario, 1999


Private Collection, Calgary, AB

Additional Info:

Department: Inuit and Indigenous Art
Carving / Sculpture: Ivory, Stone
Settlement: Cape Dorset / Kinngait
Signature: Syllabics