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LOT 59

Lot 59

KAROO ASHEVAK (1940-1974)

KAROO ASHEVAK (1940-1974)
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KAROO ASHEVAK (1940-1974), Spence Bay / Taloyoak


6.25 x 12 x 7 in — 15.9 x 30.5 x 17.8 cm

Estimate $10,000-$15,000

Realised: $31,200
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KAROO ASHEVAK (1940-1974)
  • KAROO ASHEVAK (1940-1974)
  • KAROO ASHEVAK (1940-1974)
  • KAROO ASHEVAK (1940-1974)
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Purchased in Spence Bay in 1970
The Estate of  M.A  Mahtab Phd, NS


AGO curator Wanda Nanibush explains that Karoo Ashevak’s art was shaped by scary stories of otherworldly monsters told to him at bedtime: “and then as he got older and he started carving, it's like these stories kind of shifted in his mind and they became much more loving and funny to him."

Noted both for his humour as much as for the originality and skill of his art, “Spirit” is highly emblematic of Ashevak’s work. The subject’s face appears animated—either in surprise, fear or wonder—yet this spectre from another world is wearing mittens. The figure before us is thus rendered human and of this earth, almost charming, in need of protecting from the cold.

Ashevak’s career was cut short by his death in 1974, one year after a solo show in New York City earned him major recognition in the United States and Canada. He had been sculpting for only four years, making this work a special find for collectors.

Quote Source: CBC Arts


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LOT 59

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