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November 04, 2015

LOT 92
Five Bronze Coins
  • Five Bronze Coins
  • Five Bronze Coins


Five Bronze Coins

i) Carteia, Spain, 2nd to 1st Century BC, 5.1g, 19mm; ii) Syracuse (?), rev : dolphin, 4th century BC; iii)Quadrans of Larinum Frentani, ob : Hercules, rev : centaur, circa 217BC, 5.3g., 20mm; iv) Amphipolis, Macedonia, ob : Apollo, rev : ear of grain, after 149BC, 3.2g., 15mm; v) Pergamon, ob : Athena; rev : serpent, circa 200BC, 3.4g., 16mm

Estimate $150-$250

Realised: $120
Price Includes Buyer's Premium ?

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Department: Fine Jewellery and Watches
Currency: Coins