‘No space is ever too small to be filled with an artistic creation’

By: Anna Holmes

Regardless of size, every living space can be turned into a haven of art and an opportunity to display your collection. While walls may already be adorned with paintings, the surfaces and corners of your living

Optical Cube

space might still feel vacant. Our Canadian Art Select Auction offers a unique selection of sculpture for the astute collector. Why not create a dynamic environment by incorporating both paintings and sculpture into your collection, fusing different mediums and styles? A sculpture is the perfect option for those who have simply run out of wall space, but still need to fulfill their desire to be surrounded by beautiful objects.

This online auction includes two mesmerizing Gordon Smith optical cubes (lot 90 – pictured to the right – and lot 105), which are an intriguing complement to the works on paper also offered by the modernist painter. One of Smith’s optical cubes (lot 105) has been displayed in the entrance of our preview gallery alongside Yehuda Chaki’s Cat 154 (lot 16) and Roger-Francois Theopot’s Geometrical Extension (lot 109) – all small, vibrant and bold works.

A diminutive William McElcheran bronze (lot 114) is also included in this sale. This tiny female nude can fit into even the smallest of spaces, while still packing the artist’s signature punch. Prolific sculptor Jack Beder offers two powerful works: Interlocking Form (lot 73) and Dark Form (lot 108). These abstract works would easily add dynamism to any surface in the home or  office. They compete for attention with Antonio Grediaga Kieff’s Abstract Form (lot 110), with its rhythm and lyricism in bronze.

Lastly, we are pleased to be offering two works (lot 87 and lot 106) by Esther Wertheimer, the only female sculptor in this auction. Esther shares her passion for the figure in motion, employing graceful elongations and a delicate weightlessness to capture the human spirit.

Art has the wonderful ability to create an emotive response, and so we should never deny ourselves the joy of collecting even the smallest of works. No space is ever too small to be filled with an artistic creation.

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