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LOT 185

Lot 185

A Gilt Bronze Figure of Vairocana, Qing Dynasty

A Gilt Bronze Figure of Vairocana, Qing Dynasty
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A Gilt Bronze Figure of Vairocana, Qing Dynasty

清 铜鎏金大日如来坐像

Seated in dhyanasana on a double-lotus base with hands in uttarabodhi mudra, the face with downcast eyes and a serene expression
height 5.1 in — 13 cm

Estimate $3,000-$5,000

Realised: $13,200
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A Gilt Bronze Figure of Vairocana, Qing Dynasty
  • A Gilt Bronze Figure of Vairocana, Qing Dynasty
  • A Gilt Bronze Figure of Vairocana, Qing Dynasty

Dr. Lewis Calvin Walmsley (1897-1998)

Lewis C. Walmsley graduated from the University of Toronto (Victoria College) in 1919. In 1921, he went to China to serve as principal in the Canadian School which was established for the education of the children of missionaries. After 1929, Walmsley became associate professor at the West China Union University (Education Department), where he taught pedagogy, social psychology and experimental psychology. Walmsley knew and worked with William Charles White, the first curator of the ROM's East Asian galleries, who had also been the first Anglican Bishop of Henan Province, China. Upon his return from China, Walmsley helped establish the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto where he worked as a teaching professor. In collaboration with Chang Yin-Nan, Walmsley published a translation of the Poems by Wang Wei (1958). He also wrote the book "Wang Wei, A Pastoral Poet" in 1968, and a biography on Bishop White in 1974 titled "Bishop in Honan: Mission and Museum in the Life of William C. White".


刘易斯·沃尔姆斯利(Lewis C. Walmsley)于1919年毕业于多伦多大学(维多利亚学院)。1921年,沃尔姆斯利博士在中国担任加拿大学校校长一职,该学校是为传教士的子女提供教育的机构。 1929年后,沃尔姆斯利博士成为华西联合大学(教育系)的副教授,在那里他教授教学法,社会心理学和实验心理学。沃尔姆斯利博士熟识并与ROM的东亚画廊的首任策展人威廉查尔斯怀特(William Charles White)一起工作,后者也是中国河南省的第一位英国圣公会主教。从中国返回后,沃尔姆斯利博士参与协助多伦多大学东亚研究系的创立,并担任教授。 沃尔姆斯利博士与Chang Yin-Nan合作,出版了诗人王维的诗歌译本(1958)。随后于1968年编写了《田园诗人王维》一书;并于1974年撰写了关于怀特主教的传记,名为《河南主教:威廉·怀特传教生涯与博物馆》。


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in fine condition; 品相完好

LOT 185

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