Canadian Contemporary Art Auction

September 23, 2014

LOT 19




colour silkscreen
signed, dated 1986 and inscribed “AP”
image diameter 16 ins; 40.6 cms

Estimate $1,200-$1,500

Realised: $1,440
Price Includes Buyer's Premium ?

About artist/note:

Tim Jocelyn was a beloved artist who is remembered for his contributions to the art community in Toronto and across Canada. Known primarily for his work in clothing design and accessories, Jocelyn produced memorable works of all varieties before passing away from an AIDS-related illness in 1986. Jocelyn’s artwork reveals his sensibility and range as he explored various means of representation, choosing not to limit himself or his vision.

The later stage of his career saw a shift in production, as his interest in the avant-garde began to emerge on paper. Influenced by Canadian icons and familiar cultural emblems, Jocelyn started working with paper cuts, collage and printmaking. Untitled (1986), produced in the same year of his death, reveals geometric forms and solid primary colours that showcase his fascination with Russian constructivism. Two stags stand in symmetry, mirroring each other at the center of a yellow sun-circle, mighty and strong.

Jocelyn was the principal organizer of Chromaliving in 1983, a celebration of Canadian artists in Toronto. His greatest achievement is considered to be Astrolabe Papercut, an installation commissioned for Vancouver’s Expo ’86.


Private Collection, Toronto