Charles Bronfman’s Claridge Collection Auction: Part V: Decorative Arts

April 21, 2015

LOT 69




clay, paint
20.5" x 13.75" x 6.75" — 52.1 x 34.9 x 17.1 cm.
painted signature in purple, circa 1986

Estimate $200-$300

Realised: $132
Price Includes Buyer's Premium ?

About artist/note:


Kupczynski was born in Wilno, Poland, in 1928. He escaped with his mother to Warsaw in 1939 during the Soviet invasion of Poland, while his father, an officer in the Polish army, went to Britain to aid in the war efforts. Kupczynski moved to Wroclaw at the end of the war to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1946. He became a member of The Association of Polish Artists, but his works were banned from exhibition by the Polish socialist government because of his tendencies towards expressionism and semi-abstract art. With the change in government in the mid-1950’s, and a more liberal view adopted to abstract art, Kupczynski’s works began to gain attention. The turning point for his career in terms of international recognition came in 1959, when then Vice-President Richard Nixon purchased one of Kupczynski’s paintings. By the early 1960‘s, his works were being exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, including a solo show at the Miami Museum of Art, and a group exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art , alongside the works of Picasso, Georges Braque, Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, and Paul Klee.
Kupczynski immigrated to Canada in 1971, eventually settling in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1980, he and his wife opened the Kupczynski Studio Gallery and worked on commissions for the Vancouver Opera, a mural for the British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital, and a commemorative poster , Pax in Terra, to mark Pope John Paul II’s visit to Canada. His work has regularly been exhibited across Canada, as well as in Warsaw, Poland; London, UK; Seattle, Washington; New York City; and Tokyo, Japan. Kupczynski lives in Vancouver, BC.

Selected Corporate, Private and Public Collections

Adon Development
Ambassador and Mrs. J. Cabot Lodge
Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Claridge Collection, Montreal, QC
Composer, Gunter Schuller
Count and Countess Enrico Dobrzenski
Earl’s Restaurant Chain
Esso Resources
Estate of President Richard M. Nixon
Former Mayor of Vancouver, Art Philips
Joan Carlisle - Irving
John Cabot Lodge
John Williams, conductor
Malcolm Frager, pianist
National Museum, Warsaw, Poland
The Honourable Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia
The Late Pope John Paul II, Vatican
The Zorn Museet, Sweden
University Hospital, Edmonton, AB
University of Victoria, BC

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

2006 Art Works Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2005 Galeria Dom polski, Krakow, Poland
Artbarbakan, Warsaw, Poland
Art Works, Vancouver, BC
Galeria Warsay, Poland
Galeria Konferencyjna 10 artst, Artbarbakanu, Warsaw, Poland
Geri Baszta I Barbican Artbarbakan, Poland
2002 Artbarbakan, Warsa, Poland
Museum Historyczne ms.t. Warszawy, Poland
Galeria President Warszawy, Poland
Artbarbakan, Warsaw, Poland
2001 Galeria Forma & Solar, Warsaw, Poland
1994 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
1980-1996 Kupczynski Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1990 Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
Oistalkink Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1989 Vancouver Board of Trace, BC
1988 Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC
1985 Winchester Gallery, Victoria, BC
Bancho Gallery Tokyo, Japan
1984 Charmer Galleries, New York, NY
Galeria Sachet, Warsaw, Poland
1983 Atagoyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1980 Sundance Gallery, Calgary, AB
1978 Drian Gallery, London, England
The Art Emporium Gallery, Seattle, WA
Accents Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MN
1977 Galeria Zact-ta, Warsaw, Poland
Gustafson Galleries, Toronto, ON
Cabot Galleries, San Jose, CA
1974 Burnaby Art Gallery, BC
Drian Gallery, London, England
Vancouver Planetarium, BC
The Art Emporium Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1972 Bau-xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1971 Cyborg Galerie, Denmark
Gallery Latina, Palma de la Mallorca
1970 Sundsvall Museet, Sweden
Harnosand Museet, Sweden
Ostersund Museet, Sweden
Miami Museum of Modern Art, FL
1968 Galleri Latina, Stockholm, Sweden
Galeria Rzezby, Warsaw, Poland
1967 Dom Artysty Plastic, Warsaw, Poland
Bundy Art Gallery, New York, NY
1965 Galeria Kordegarda, Warsaw, Poland
1963 Die Galerie Interments, Munich, Germany
Musee de la Ville, Paris, France
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA
1960 Museum of Modern Art, Miami, FL
Shramm Galleries, Fort Lauderdale, FL
1958 Galeria Sachet, Warsaw, Poland
1956 Arsenal, Warsaw, Poland

Selected Links
Zbigniew Kupzynski Video


Purchased directly from the artist