*Appraisal Services

our Auction Appraisal Services help you TO UNDERSTAND an Item’s True Value. We Can Help You Make Informed Decisions.

Working with Waddington’s means you have chosen to work with the most diverse auction and appraisal company in Canada with over 170 years of experience. From a single item, through to a private, corporate, or institutional collection, we can provide the information you need to make the right decisions, and provide the best platforms to realise the desired results.

We specialise in a wide range of categories, notably Asian Art, Canadian Art, International Art, Inuit Art, First Nations and Métis Art, Decorative Arts & Design, Fine Jewellery, and Fine Wine and Spirits. We also accept consignments from unique estate and specially curated collections, and are renowned for the wide range of items that we have sold. With almost 100 auctions throughout the year, we provide a multitude of opportunities to sell desirable items.

A leading authority, we’ve provided professional appraisal services to Canadian and International clients, across multiple categories, for generations. Our specialists are recognized as experts in their fields.

Fees & Getting Started

We can provide a simple valuation for one item, or more detailed appraisal reports for an entire inventory. Our comprehensive written appraisals with objective, justified values, can be prepared to ISA and USPAP standards as required.

Ready to get started? We invite you to complete our complimentary appraisal form.

If you are looking for a more formal appraisal, our fees are as follows:

  •   Introductory Call – Free
  •   “Walkabout” (verbal appraisal)—$175 (approximately one hour)
  •   Fair Market Value—$300/hour (one-hour minimum)
  •   Estate Appraisal—$300/hour (one-hour minimum)
  •   Insurance Appraisals—$400 for first hour; $300/hour, after that 1/4 hour increments

If you choose to consign your items with us after one of these options, we will waive the appraisal fee.

Why you need an accurate and current appraisal

Whether you are interested in selling your items, or in need of an understanding what is in a collection, here are some of the reasons you might need an accurate and current appraisal:

Selling Your Assets to the Best Advantage

Values fluctuate over the years, as the global market ebbs and flows. Knowing what your items are worth in the present moment – versus in the past – helps you know what you are working with.

Downsizing and Retirement Planning

Downsizing your home and contents can help create liquid assets, which can help finance your retirement. But you need to know your possessions’ worth, to make the right decisions.

Estate Planning and Tax Reporting 

Knowing the true value of the estate is essential for estate planning, division of property and understanding estate administration taxes. Taking the time to plan ahead facilitates an easy division of assets, which ensures a smoother transition for heirs or partners.

Insurance Coverage

An insurance appraisal helps minimise any chance of not receiving your property’s full value. It also ensures you aren’t overpaying for coverage. Most policies require one.

Equitable Distribution; Divorce; Partnership Dissolution, Bankruptcy

An appraisal helps ensure a fair distribution of property when assets need to be divided.

Charitable Donation

Donations to a registered charity, often qualify for a tax credit. An accurate appraisal can help you make such decisions.

Donation of Certified Cultural Property

An appraisal can determine if an item is Certified Cultural Property—described by Revenue Canada as property of outstanding significance and national importance to Canada. These donations bring the greatest tax benefits, as they are not subject to capital gains tax.



Waddington’s is the right choice to sell your works of art, decorative arts, jewellery, wine or specialty items. We work hard to make consigning as simple as possible for you, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our auction appraisal services are conducted by some of Canada’s most knowledgeable specialists. Our team is composed of respected experts and appraisers with access to international networks and resources, and are dedicated to providing the most accurate information and guidance. Whether a simple valuation for sale or a complex inventory, we will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

We are currently accepting consignments for this year’s upcoming auctions. Contact us today to arrange a complimentary appraisal appointment, or fill out our confidential consignment form.