Inuit Art Auction – Fall 2014


How our auctions take shape

Much like some Inuit artists release an image from a piece of stone or other material, assembling an auction comes together organically. Even with all the planning and campaigning we do leading up to our auction, it can still remain a mystery up to the consignment deadline as to what the final product will end up being. We are very happy to reveal the collection of works that comprise our fall auction of Important Inuit Art.

This season we are thrilled to offer works by favoured artists such as Osuitok Ipeelee and Karoo Ashevak, as well as sculptures from artists who have remained anonymous but are certainly no less admired. Our graphics selection is representative of the unique vision each artist expresses in their work. We’re thrilled once again to offer you three powerful little prints from the Kinngait experimental collection released in 1958. You will find several of Kenojuak Ashevak’s marvelous images from the early 1960’s and many other striking works on paper from Kinngait and Qamani’tuaq.

From the masterful large scale work by Davidialuk to the charming little Jessie Oonark textile, we are thrilled with how the auction has taken shape and confident there is something for every collector within the pages of this catalogue.

We welcome you to join us this fall in celebrating Inuit art.

View the Inuit Art Auction Gallery

View the Catalogue (PDF)

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