From Krieghoff to Kim Dorland – Canadian Art at its Best


Linda Rodeck talks about the Fall Canadian Art Auction

Our 2015 major fall auction of Canadian Art will be the fifth sale I have directed since returning to Waddington’s.

There have been myriad changes and improvements to the Canadian Art department since the summer of 2013. A new catalogue design, changes to the exhibition space, the introduction of didactic panels, augmented ancillary material both in the print and online versions of the catalogue and increased learning sessions hosted by Waddington’s, specifically our WoW (Women of Waddington’s) events. And I am happy to say we have done all of this without an increase in costs to either our buyers or sellers.

We continue to seek out the most interesting works we can find to include in our sales, and are not driven by dollar value alone. Rather, we have always aimed to find quality at all price levels and have been fortunate this season to discover, for your bidding competition:

  • Important watercolours by Fortin from the mid-1920s
  • One of the earliest Verner Indian encampments (based on a sketch in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada)
  • A very large mid-1950s Riopelle watercolour and ink
  • Sumptuous and insightful portraits by Florence Carlyle, Randolph Hewton and Paul Peel, and
  • Superb still lifes by Dallaire, FitzGerald and Goodridge Roberts.

There are also wonderful works on paper by William Armstong and Washington Friend, by E.J. Hughes and Lawren Harris.

From Krieghoff to Kim Dorland, the sale is replete with examples of Canadian Art at its best. Finding, valuing, researching, cataloguing and, ultimately, selling works of art at our twice yearly catalogue sales and seasonal Select Online Sales is a team effort.

In addition to our regular and part-time staff, we have been fortunate to avail ourselves of the writing expertise of Christine Boyanoski, PhD., Amy Korczynski, PhD., Melissa Alexander, M.A., and Elizabeth Johnston, M.A. The catalogue and the sale are born out of the fortitude, creativity and expertise of the core staff of the Canadian Art Department.

I extend my gratitude to Anna Holmes, M.Litt., and Marina Dumont Gauthier, M.A. for their unfailing ability and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. In particular, I would like to single out Erin Rutherford, M.A, and Mover of Mountains.

Thank you to all who take an interest in the work we do here at Waddington’s. It continues to be our great pleasure to serve you.

View the Auction Gallery
View the Catalogue (PDF)

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