500+ Lots of the Best Available in Canada – in Our Auction!

By: Fine Wine & Fine Spirits Department

Lot 9 – CHÂTEAU MOUTON ROTHSCHILD 2000 (OC) Pauillac.1er Cru Classé

Our highly anticipated September Fine Wine Auction features over forty 100-point wines, great collectible wines in their original cases, classified Bordeaux, superb Super Tuscans, cult Californians, and so much more. Over 500 lots of the best wines available anywhere in Canada!

As we catalogued this wine auction, we were continually amazed by the impeccable quality of the consignments we have had the pleasure of working with. Here are a number of consignments that caught our attention:

Lots 1 – 39: A true blockbuster consignment, the majority being highly-rated blue-chip Bordeaux and Burgundy (including 92 bottles of 100-point wines), many in their original cases. Includes a 5L bottle of 2000 Mouton, and a magnum of 2016 Pétrus.

Lots 40 – 56: An eclectic mix of highly-rated wines from Tuscany, Bordeaux, Rhône, Burgundy, Australia, Porto and Champagne. From a consignor just north of Toronto, this collection has excellent provenance.

Lots 57 – 88: Another powerhouse consignment from Toronto, with a number of very highly-rated Bordeaux, and an excellent selection of red and white Burgundies. Includes a 1980-1982 vertical of Pétrus (lot 61), and a 6L 2005 Lafite (lot 73).

Lots 89 – 142: An incredible consignment of primarily Super Tuscans (most in their original cases), treasures from Napa Valley (such as Dominus, Harlan, Bond, Caymus, and Phelps Insignia), balanced out with some excellent Bordeaux, Champagne, and Australian. From an esteemed Toronto consignor with excellent provenance. 

Lots 143 – 178: An excellent mix of wines from around the world, including Australia, the United States, Italy, Burgundy and Bordeaux, from a Toronto consignor.

Lots 179 – 205: From just north of Toronto comes a wide gamut of ready-to-drink classified Bordeaux, and a covetable collection of US reds including vertical of 2006-2013 Caymus Special Selection (Lot 199).

Lots 207 – 232: This consignment consists primarily of Super Tuscans from an esteemed oenophile in Eastern Ontario. 

Lots 233 – 259: From just west of Toronto comes a delightful consignment consisting primarily of Rhône reds, with a small selection of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Italians.

Lots 260 – 285: This consignment from just north of Toronto contains a number of ready-to-drink Italians (including an excellent selection of Amarone), some excellent Bordeaux vintages (such as 1982 Latour and 1986 Mouton for example), finished by two lots from Burgundy and Napa Valley.

Lots 286 – 294: A delightful smaller consignment from a long-time Waddington’s buyer and consignor located in Toronto, this collection of US reds mostly from Napa should not be overlooked.

Lots 297 – 339: Another blockbuster consignment with impeccable provenance! Starting with highly rated Rhône reds, followed by paired up Pétrus verticals from 1998 to 2009, verticals of Ausone from 1999 to 2003 and 2004 to 2009, plus other highly rated Bordeaux, finishing out with some US reds and some Super Tuscans. 

Lots 349 – 370: An excellently varied collection from a Toronto consignor, featuring Rhône reds, coveted Burgundy, exciting Italians and US reds, and Spanish reds, Port and Champagne.

Lots 371 – 378: A comparatively small consignment from Toronto, but it packs a punch. A mix of Napas, Bordeaux and a Tuscan, led by a 100-point 2010 Dominus.

Lots 393 – 398: From southwestern Ontario, this consignment is an excellent mix of red and white Rhônes, Sauternes, red Bordeaux, Burgundy and Napa.

Lots 399 – 416: If you’re a fan of cult Californians, port or whites from Germany, Alsace or Loire Valley, then this consignment from Toronto is for you.

Lots 418 – 427: An exciting mix of wines including Italians, Burgundies, Sauternes, and port from a Toronto consignor.

Lots 433 – 483: This consignment from southern Ontario has something for everybody. Starting with some excellently-rated port, Sauternes, Champagne, Tokaji; whites from Germany, Loire and Alsace; approachable Burgundy, drinkable Bordeaux, and rounded out with Australians, Italians, Spanish and treasures from the United States.

Lots 484 – 513: And finally, we’ve saved some of the best for last. This consignment from Toronto features cult Californians, awesome Australians, Italians, drinkable Bordeaux, and superstars from Rhône, Spain and Porto.

About the Auction

Bidding in the Fine Wine auction starts Monday, September 13 at 9 am ET, and will begin to close Tuesday, September 21 at 6 pm ET. 

We invite you to browse the full catalogue for the Fine Wine auction, as well as the catalogue for our Fine Spirits auctiononline from Monday, September 13 at 9 am ET until Tuesday, September 21 at 4 pm ET.

We are always delighted to answer any questions you may have about current offerings, how to buy, building a collection, or consigning wine and spirits.

Please contact Joann Maplesden at 416-847-6182 or [email protected] or Devin Hatfield at 416-847-6181 or [email protected]


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