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June 27, 2013

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Ten Volumes on Antiquarian Horology and Astronomy
  • Ten Volumes on Antiquarian Horology and Astronomy


Ten Volumes on Antiquarian Horology and Astronomy

Flammarion, Camille, ASTRONOMY FOR AMATEURS. Thomas Nelson & Sons.London, Edinburgh, Dublin and New York.

Ball, Sir Robert S. THE STORY OF THE HEAVENS. Cassell and company, Limited, London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne, 1886.

T. Geoffrey W. Henslow, M.A. YE SUNDIAL BOOKE. Edward Arnold
London, 1914.

Lionnais, François le. THE ORION BOOK OF TIME. The Orion Press, New York, 1960.

King, Henry C. in collaboration with John R. Millburn. GEARED TO THE STARS: THE EVOLUTION OF PLANETARIUMS, ORRERIES, AND ASTRONOMICAL CLOCKS.University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Buffalo, 1978.

Keller, A. G. THE THEATRE OF MACHINES. Chapman & Hall, London, 1964.

Nemrava, Steve Z. THE MORBIER: 1680-1900. Portland, 1975.

Exhibition Catalogue (2 copies) THE CLOCKWORK OF THE HEAVENS.
Asprey & Company, London, 1973.

G. H. Baillie, H. Alan Lioyd & F. A. B. Ward. THE PLANETARIUM OF GIOVANNI DE DONDI. The Antiquarian Horologival Society,London, 1974.

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