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June 16, 2016

LOT 393

Lot 393

Sixty-Nine Asian Art Books

Sixty-Nine Asian Art Books
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Sixty-Nine Asian Art Books

Comprising: “Kyoto”, Martin Hurlimann, Thames and Hudson, 1962; “Hong Kong”, Martin Hurlimann, Thames and Hudson, 1962; “Bangkok”, Martin Hurlimann, Thames and Hudson, 1962; “Paris”, Martin Hurlimann, Thames and Hudson, 1955; “Rome”, Martin Hurlimann, Thames and Hudson, 1959; “Istanbul”, Martin Hurlimann, Thames and Hudson, 1958; “Athens”, Martin Hurlimann and Rex Warner, Thames and Hudson, 1959; “A Short History of the Chinese People”, L. Carrington Goodrich, Harper Torchbooks, 1959; “Chinese Civilization”, Marcel Granet, Meridian Books, 1959; “Ancient China: Art and Archaeology”, Jessica Rawson, The Trustees of the British Museum, 1980; “The Arts of Japan: An Illustrated History”, Hugo Munsterberg, Charles E. Tuttle, 1962; “The Rise and Splendour of the Chinese Empire”, Rene Grousset, University of California Press, 1959; “Delhi: Agra Fatehpur Sikri”, Martin Hurlimann, Thames and Hudson, 1965; “Chinesische Tonfiguren”, Thomas Dexel, Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1958; “How to Recognize Chinese Art”, Dr. Sian Franco Malafarina, Rizzoli (Macdonald), 1979; “Bali: Isle of Temples and Dances”, The Indonesian Committee of the New York World’s Fair 1964-65; “Exhibition of Art from India and Thailand”, Spink and Son, 1963; “Indian Culture in Bali and Indonesia”, Gopi Nath Kapoor, India Asia Cultural Society Calcutta, 1958; “Arts and Crafts in Indonesia”, The Indonesian Committee of the New York World’s Fair 1964-65; “Medieval Near Eastern Pottery”, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1957; “Brief Guide to Oriental Painted, Dyed and Printed Textiles”, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1950; “Man Makes Himself”, V. Gordon Childe, Mentor Book, 1951; “Afghan Dynasties: The History of India”, Sir H. M. Elliot, Susil Gupta Ltd., 1955; “Islamische Keramik”, Kristian Jakobsen, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, 1959; “Orientatie”, Museum voor Land en Volkenkunde, 1958; “Honolulu Academy of the Arts” Guide, 1957; “Indian Art”, Dr. Moti Chandra, Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, 1964; “Some Ancient Cities of India”, Stuart Piggott, Oxford University Press, 1945; “Indische Plastik, Walter Drayer, R. Piper & Co., 1960; “Indian Art”, Philip Rawson, Studio Vista, 1972; “Persian Miniatures from Ancient Manuscripts”, Basil Gray, Fontana Unesco Art Book, 1962; “Chinese and Japanese Art”, Jean Buhot, Anchor Books, 1967; “50 Masterpieces of Pottery and Glass”, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1963; “Chinese Pottery Figurines”, Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology, University of Toronto Press, 1950; “K.B.S. Bibliography of Standard Reference Books for Japanese Studies with Descriptive Notes, Vol. VII (A) Arts and Crafts”, Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai, 1959; “Guides to the National Museum: The Ethnographical Department - Primitive Tribes of the Tropics”, Copenhagen, 1956; “Guides to the National Museum: The Ethnographical Department - High Civilizations of Asia”, Copenhagen, 1950; “A Book of India: An Anthropology of Prose & Poetry from the Indian Sub-Continent”, B.N. Pandey, Collins, 1965; “A Short History of Korea”, The Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies, 1964; “A Trip Through Historic Korea”, Tae Hung Ha, Yonsei University Press, 1960; “Arts and Crafts of Japan: Masks”, Seiroku Noma, Charles E. Tuttle, 1957; “Arts and Crafts of Japan: Textiles”, Tomoyuki Yamanobe, Charles E. Tuttle, 1957; “Japanese Objets d’Art”, Frank A. Turk, Arco Publications, 1962; “Korean Painting”, Alfred Janata, Methuen, 1964; “Chinese Painting”, Roger Goepper, Hallwag Berne, 1966; “Chinese Pottery Figurines”, Ezekiel Schloss, Friendly House Publishers, 1963; “Chinese Porcelains in the Altman Collection”, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1953; “Chinese Porcelain of the Ch’ing Dynasty”, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1957; “Thai Buddhas”, Dawn F. Rooney, River Books, 2003; “Guide to Pimai and Antiquities in the Province of Nagara Rajasima”, Ni Manit Vallibhotama, The Fine Arts Department, Bangkok, 1961; “Guide to the Ayudhya National Museum, Chao Sam Praya”, 1961; “Thailand”, Gerhard M. Hotop, R. Piper & Co. Verlag, 1964; “Persische Miniaturen”, Emil Preetorious, R. Piper & Co. Verlag, 1958; “Persian Miniatures: Miniatures of the School of Behzad in Cairo Collections”, Mohamed Mostafa, Woldemar Klein, Baden-Baden, 1960; “Persian Painting”, Mulk Raj Anand, Faber & Faber, 1931; “To Visit Ras Shamra-Ugarit”, Gabriel Saade, Almanara, 1967; “Egyptian Sculptures”, T.G.H. James, Mentor-Unesco Art Books, 1966; “Etruscan Sculptures”, Emeline Richardson, Mentor-Unesco Art Books, 1966; “Byzantine Frescoes from Yugoslav Churches”, David Talbot Rice, Mentor-Unesco Art Books, 1963; “Israeli Mosaics of the Byzantine Period”, Ernst Kitzinger, Mentor-Unesco Art Books, 1965; “The Art of Central Africa: Sculpture and Tribal Masks”, William Fagg, Mentor-Unesco Art Books, 1967; “The Stave Church Paintings: Mediaeval Art from Norway”, Martin Blindheim, Mentor-Unesco Art Books, 1965; “Japanese Gardens and Architecture”, Japan Travel Bureau, 1962; “Japanese Arts: What and Where?”, Sadao Kikuchi, The Japan Travel Bureau, 1960; “Persepolis (Takht-I-Jamshid)”, Ali-Sami, Musavi Printing, 1958; “Kitagawa Utamaro Kurtisanen”, Franz Winzinger, Woldemar Klein Verlag Baden-Baden, 1955 (text in German); “Toshusai Sharaku Schauspieler”, Franz Winzinger, Woldemar Klein Verlag Baden-Baden (text in German); “Suzuki Harunobu”, Franz Winzinger, Woldemar Klein Verlag Baden-Baden, 1956 (text in German); “Bali: Island of a Thousand Temples”, Joanna Moore, Asia Pacific Press, 1970; “Borobudur”, Swami Sadananda, Sachi Dulai Dey, 1943; “Les Danses a Bali”, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Delpire, 1954

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LOT 393

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