Exceptional Consignments: Guided Tour of Our September 2023 Wine Auction

By: Fine Wine & Spirits Department


Our September Fine Wine auction is our largest yet with 700 carefully curated lots including blue-chip Bordeaux, a wide selection of Super Tuscans, a considerable amount of white Bordeaux and Champagne, and much more.

This auction opens strong with a selection of powerhouse Bordeaux, including a number of 100-point wines. The auction consists of a whopping 54% Bordeaux; so if you are a collector of Pauillac, Saint-Émilion, Sauternes, or anything in between, this auction is for you. There is slightly more representation from the Left Bank, but with 18 bottles of Château Pétrus, the Right Bank is no slouch.

This auction also features our largest representation yet of White Bordeaux and Champagne, coming in at 10% (241 bottles) and 4% (101 bottles) respectively.

For those of you interested in the composition of the rest of our auction, here are some additional statistics:

  • There are 882 unique wines represented in this auction (by cuvée and vintage)
  • 57 lots are sold with their original wood cases
  • 104 bottles of 100-point wine
  • For lovers of White Burgundies, we have 52 bottles on offer
  • US wines make up about 10% of this auction

If you have participated in our auctions over the last several years you may be aware that we assemble our auctions in groups by consignment. For example, lots 22 to 162 in this auction are from a single consignor. This approach allows us to talk about the provenance and provide interesting details about the ranges of lots.

It’s all about providing the best information in the most effective way! With this in mind, in addition to perusing the catalogue, we hope you enjoy this Guided Tour and share our excitement about the auction.

Lots 1 – 3

A small consignment from a trusted long-term consignor from downtown Toronto. We’re presenting this consignment first as we felt it was a good representation of the overall strength of Bordeaux in this auction. Two lots of 100-point Latour (1982) and a magnum of Palmer—what’s not to love?

Lots 4 – 13

Another small consignment of really powerful Bordeaux, all excellently stored. Includes a 100-point lot within a lot-vertical of Lafite from 1998-2004. Also includes some very well-scored Palmer.

Lots 14 – 19

A six-lot consignment from just east of Toronto. The consignor knows their Californians and for this auction has entrusted us with one of our favourites: Sine Qua Non. All highly scored, including five 100-point bottles. We’re very excited to watch the bidding on these!

Lots 20 – 21

We generally avoid taking very small consignments, but when a trusted long-term consignor from downtown Toronto approaches us with a Screaming Eagle we surely cannot refuse. This is three bottles of Screaming Eagle 2020, in its original wood case, and not much more needs to be said about that. Also included is a lot of highly scored Penfolds Bin 798, 2017 vintage.

Lots 22 – 162

This consignment is a highlight of this incredible auction, and comprises approximately 20% of the auction. From a Toronto-based consignor with an impeccable cellar, who has been consigning with us over multiple auctions. The depth and quality of their cellar continually amazes us, and we are sure it will for you too. The consignment consists of countless great Bordeaux, Super Tuscans, Champagne, US reds and representation from Australia. Includes 8 lots of 100-point wines, and many more highly rated wines.

Lots 163 – 198

This is an exciting consignment consisting exclusively of champagne from an Ontario consignor, who received the collection from their father, an avid champagne collector. This collection of well-stored champagnes starts with 11 lots of various vintages of Dom Pérignon, followed by Cristal Brut and Cristal Rosé, and a number of cuvées with no vintage specified and other very approachable lots. We’re still over three months away, but is it ever too early to start stocking up for New Years Eve?

Lots 199 – 239

This well-stored consignment comes from a longtime Waddington’s buyer and consignor from just north of Toronto. Primarily well-scored Super Tuscans, including a large selection of 100-point bottles, it also contains some US red, CDP and champagne.

Lots 240 – 311

The 72 lots in this consignment comes from a trusted consignor who had stored the collection at a third-party wine storage facility prior to consignment. Consisting of wines from Alsace, Germany, Argentina, Hungary, Lebanon, Italy, Portugal (Port), Bordeaux (including some interesting older vintages, and a selection of reds and whites), Spain, South Africa, and the US. A fascinating worldly collection!

Lots 312 – 369  

This selection of the auction consists of wines being sold on behalf of Second Harvest, Canada’s largest food rescue charity, with proceeds going to their operation. We are proud to play a small part in helping them achieve their funding goals. This group is an eclectic collection of wines, consisting of Tokaji, Italians, some good Bordeaux representation, some exceptional Burgundy (two bottles of 2014 Rousseau Clos de la Roche), some CDP, red and white US, rounded out with a great selection of white Bordeaux and white Burgundy. These wines are from a well-regarded consignor who is moving out of the country, being sold for the benefit of Second Harvest. The wines had been stored at a third-party wine storage facility prior to moving to our offices.

Lots 370 – 429

This 60-lot consignment from a regular consignor comes from Toronto and is brimming with 100-point wines! Leading off with a selection of Sauternais, moving into a wallop of six bottles of Pétrus, a run of very highly scored Bordeaux (including two bottles of 100-point 2003 Lafite), some very approachable Burgundies, a number of great offerings from Rhône, finished by Super Tuscans and Amarone from Italy, and a small selection of reds from Spain and America.

Lots 430 – 446

This consignment from Toronto is made up of very well-stored bottles from Caymus (1991, 1993, 1994, and 1995 vintages), CDP, and many vintages from the 1990s and early 2000s of Bordeaux soon to be enjoyed by eager oenophiles.

Lots 447 – 466

From just north of Toronto comes a delightful mix of Australian, Italian (including Super Tuscans), US reds (Opus One!), a bottle of 1988 Dom Pérignon, and a strong showing of Bordeaux (including three bottles of 100-point Cos d’Estournel 2009).

Lots 467 – 513

From a long-term Waddington’s buyer and seller of wine and spirits, this very well stored consignment from Toronto consists of a lot of Champagne, Italians (including Super Tuscans and a number of 100-point wines), drinkable Bordeaux, some excellent Burgundies, two Dominus, and representation from Spain and Rhône.

Lots 514 – 563

This consignment of 50 lots is from another long-term Waddington’s buyer and seller of wine. All well stored, this selection features representation from Italy, Rhône, Burgundy, Napa and Santa Cruz, plus an exciting array of wines from Bordeaux.

Lots 564 – 568

While this small consignment from downtown Toronto may only be five lots it certainly does impress. Consisting exclusively of Bordeaux, it features very highly scored wines (including a 100-pointer), and a spread of Lafite of vintages between 1995 and 2018.

Lots 570 – 581

This consignment from downtown Toronto is only 12 lots, but contains excellent representation from Australia, Bordeaux, Champagne, Italy, and Napa. Includes multiple 100-point wines.

Lots 582 – 594

In what could be considered the middle of the third act of this auction, we have a small but powerful consignment. From a trusted long-term consignor from immediately north of Toronto, highlights include: a magnum of 2005 Ornellaia, a magnum of 1997 Gaja Barbaresco, the 98-point 1999 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Riserva Monfortino, a double magnum of 2001 Beaucastel CDP (in its original wood case), a 2000 Lafite, a magnum of 2017 Lafite, a magnum of the 100-point 2016 Mouton Rothschild, a double magnum of 2005 Pichon-Longueville Baron in its original wood, and gracefully ending with the star of this consignment, a 2005 Rousseau Chambertin Clos de Bèze.

Lots 595 – 605

From strength to strength – we start this consignment off with additional Burgundies (including two lots of Domaine Leroy), drinkable mixed Burgundies (lot 599), a mixed lot of port, a lot of Bordeaux (Cos d’Estournel and Montrose), finishing with a bottle of Quintarelli Amarone. Pay attention to how pristine these excellently stored bottles are. This consignment comes from a trusted long-term Waddington’s consignor from Toronto’s west end.

Lots 607 – 618

From another long-term trusted consignor, this time from eastern Ontario, comes a superb collection of Solaia’s 2000 and 2001 vintages as various mixed lots, plus a bottle of 2001 Margaux. Everything has been well stored and is highly scored.

Lots 619 – 635

From just north of the GTA comes a delightful smaller consignment of drinkable Bordeaux. A fairly balanced mix of left and right banks. Lot 627 is two magnums of 2005 Pontet-Canet (97 points).

Lots 636 – 662

This consignment is an eclectic mix from a Toronto consignor who is also a wine buyer. This 27-lot consignment features representation from most of the major wine-producing regions of the world: Alsace, Argentina, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chile, Champagne, Germany, Italy, Loire, Rhône, Spain, and the US. Includes some whites from Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Rhône.

Lots 663 – 676 

This smaller consignment (14 lots) from a long-term downtown Toronto oenophile begins with a few strong lots of US reds including Caymus and Dominus, and also features wines from Australia, Chile, Italy (two lots of Sassicaia), Champagne, and finishes with a lot of 1981 Mouton and a mixed lot of various other Bordeaux.

Lots 677 – 687

As we approach the final few lots of the auction we have a small 11-lot consignment from downtown Toronto, consisting of port and some older Bordeaux, primarily of the 1982 and 1986 vintages. Lot 682 deserves extra attention if you’re a fan of Bordeaux from the 1970s, featuring a 1978 La Mission Haut-Brion and a 1973 Lafite.

Lots 688 – 693

This delightful six lot consignment comes from west of Toronto, and is a well-stored collection of Italians (including Super Tuscans and some Amarone), plus a lot of Caymus.

Lots 703 – 705

While we have skipped a few of the final consignments in this auction, you can be sure they are all of the same high-quality provenance and assured excellent storage conditions you have come to expect from Waddington’s. While this final consignment of the auction is only three lots, we would be remiss to not mention this lovely little collection of Port, a Portuguese red blend, and d’Yquem from a trusted long-term consignor to the Fine Wine & Spirits department at Waddington’s.


About the Auction

Bidding in the Fine Wine auction starts Monday, September 4 at 9 am ET, and begins to close Tuesday, September 12 at 6 pm ET.

We invite you to browse the full catalogue for the Fine Wine auction, as well as the catalogue for our Fine Spirits auction.

We are always delighted to answer any questions you may have about current offerings, how to buy, build a collection, or consign wine and spirits to our auctions.

Please contact Joann Maplesden at 416-847-6182 or [email protected] or Devin Hatfield at 416-847-6181 or [email protected].

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