All About Bourbon

By: Dara Vandor

Lot 243 – PAPPY VAN WINKLE FAMILY RESERVE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 15 YEARS (ONE 750 ML) Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery. Frankfort, Kentucky. USA. 53.5% ABV / 750 ml Finish / Cask: US Virgin Oak Casks 1 bt. per lot $1,900 – $2,100

In the same way that Champagne is a type of wine, but not all wine is Champagne, all Bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is Bourbon. If whiskey is defined as a distilled spirit made from fermented grains and then aged in wooden barrels, what is it that defines Bourbon, America’s most popular whiskey?


To make the grade, a Bourbon must be made from a minimum of 51% corn. The remainder is composed of any other type of cereal grain, including rye, barley, or wheat. This recipe ratio is what is known as the “mash bill.” The high percentage of corn is what imparts Bourbon’s distinctive sweet flavour, with other grains bringing their own unique tastes. The average Bourbon spends less time in barrel  than many other types of whiskey—here’s looking at you, Scotch—and so derives much of its flavour from the grains used in the mash bill.


To be classified as Bourbon, federal standards dictate that it must be distilled and aged within the United States. Though it can be made anywhere in the USA, Bourbon is inextricably linked to the state of Kentucky, which produces 95% of the spirit. To be labelled “Kentucky Bourbon,” the whiskey must be distilled and aged within the state itself.

While the Bluegrass State is blessed with many natural gifts–fertile soil conditions, an abundance of high-pH water, and an ideal climate–its primacy in the production of Bourbon also stems from its inhabitants. Irish and Scottish immigrants brought with them a passion for the craft of whiskey-making, passing the skills down through generations.

Lot 53 – BLANTON’S SINGLE BARREL KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY (ONE 70 CL, OC) Buffalo Trace Distillery. Frankfort, Kentucky, USA. 58.5% ABV / 70 cl Bottled: October 19 2020 Finish / Cask: Virgin US Oak Cask. Barrel # 375 Notes: Limited Edition. Special Release 1 bt. per lot $800 – $1,000

As for its name, its origins are often traced to Bourbon County, Kentucky, or Bourbon Street in New Orleans, both of which borrowed their names from the French royal House of Bourbon. Another interesting etymological theory comes from Michael Veach, author of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage via the Smithsonian Magazine. Veach hypothesizes that the name came from an early exercise in brand allegiance. Veach cites an enterprising duo known as the Tarascon brothers, who arrived in Louisville, Kentucky from Cognac, France. They began selling local whiskey in New Orleans, sent down the Ohio River. “They knew that if Kentuckians put their whiskey into charred barrels they could sell it to the New Orleans’ residents, who would like it because it tastes more like Cognac or ‘French Brandy’,” says Veach. He explains that “people starting asking for ‘that whiskey they sell on Bourbon Street,’ which eventually became ‘that Bourbon Whiskey.’” Unfortunately for history buffs, Veach does note that “we may never know who actually invented Bourbon, or even who the first Kentucky distiller was.”


Under Federal Legislation, Bourbon must be aged within new charred barrels made from American white oak. Though they can’t be reused to make more Bourbon, the barrels aren’t wasted, and are often sold to distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, and Japan, where they can continue imparting their unique flavours to other products. Barrel aging is what gives Bourbon its rich brown colour, as well as amping up its toasty flavours. Keen collectors will note that bottles are often labelled with the number of years that the Bourbon was aged in the barrel, which is known as the “age statement.” If Bourbon is aged for less than four years, it is required by law to display its age statement.

A subcategory of Bourbon known as “Straight Bourbon” refers to an even stricter and more regulated style of production. Straight Bourbon must be aged in new charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years, whereas regular Bourbons may be aged for less.

Lot 200 – LITTLE BOOK CHAPTER 4 LESSONS HONORED BLENDED WHISKEY (ONE 750 ML, OC) Beam Suntory. Kentucky, USA. 61.4% ABV / 750 ml Bottled: 2020 Notes: Blend of 4-year-old Kentucky Straight Brown Rice Bourbon, 8-year-old Kentucky Straight “High Rye” Rye Whiskey and 7-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Annual Limited Edition: Chapter 4 Lessons Honored 1 bt. per lot $200 – $400


Another unbreakable rule for Bourbon is that no artificial colouring, additives or flavours can be added to the whiskey. When looking at a bottle of Jack Daniels, note that it is labelled as “Tennessee Whiskey” due to the fact that some of its colour and flavour comes from being filtered over maple wood chips before bottling. This automatically disqualifies it from being a Bourbon. With Bourbons, it’s also worth noting that the darker colour, the higher the alcohol content.


Last but not least are the strict regulations that must be adhered to when making Bourbon. A Bourbon’s mash must be distilled at 160 proof (80 percent alcohol by volume (ABV)) or less, and below 125 proof (62.5% ABV) when the barrel aging process begins. When it is bottled, Bourbon is filtered and diluted to no less than 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume). For comparison, Scotch whisky has the same minimum bottling strength, but has no ABV regulations imposed on its distillation process.


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