Legendary Wines at Auction

By: Stephen Ranger

THe Best of Burgundy – In Our May 2019 Fine wine Auction

The wine world is laden with superlatives, declarations of greatness that are used to puff up the reputations of wines that may not indeed be so spectacular. While one person’s profound experience may be another’s humdrum day-to-day quaff, there are a few things all of us tend to agree on. One thing, for sure, is that Pinot Noir reaches its most profound (yes, I’m using that word) expression in the Burgundy region of North Eastern France. Another thing we can agree on is that the wines of Maison Leroy are some of the best wines of Burgundy at all levels of production.

We are delighted to include a smattering of Leroy wines in our current Fine Wine auction (lots 246-248 and 264-269). We are also pleased that we have more Burgundy than ever before in various collections throughout the auction. Armand Rousseau, Méo-Camuzet, Bernard Dugat-Py and Etienne Sauzet are all nicely represented in this auction. Another thing we can all agree on – there is no such thing as too much Burgundy!

However, the centre of this fabulous collection of wine on offer is, as usual, classed Bordeaux at all levels. All the greats are here in quantity, Petrus, Mouton Rothschild, Margaux, Lafite, Haut-Brion, Cheval Blanc, wines that are timeless in their appeal vintage after vintage and that are indeed, legendary.

Please take advantage of our Wine Search tool to drill down and find your favourite producers in this auction. We are also always here to help and to respond to your comments.

Fine Spirits & Whisky

We are also happy to tell you that there is yet more Fine Spirits available led by the final offering of whisky from the Collection of Tom Willcock. This is the last tranche of this wonderful collection and we have heard over and over from our clients how delighted they have been with their purchases.

Our regular Fine Spirits auction is also laden with rare gems including many of the great single malt producers, a dab of great Canadian, Japanese and American whiskies.

Looking ahead to the fall, we anticipate a number of superb collections making their way to auction. Our desks have been piled high with valuations and cellars that are in the pipeline for your enjoyment.

Cheers and enjoy the auctions!

Stephen, Joann and Devin

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